• How is curriculum and instruction in a class for gifted students different from that in other classes? How might you teach a student who is gifted and talented in your inclusive classroom?
Gifted students are often bored because a regular classroom can not ‘keep up’ to the students particular needs. It doesn’t take them as long to master concepts, while other students are still trying to grasp them. One way to teach them would be by having them be a helper for kids that are having trouble- allow them to make use of the information rather than be bored by the lack of having anything to do. This also gives them something to occupy their time other than just having busy work.
  • Collect resources that will help you teach effectively in your inclusive classroom. For example, include a list of resources that you found to differentiate instruction or manage a classroom environment.
Parents in themselves can be great resources, especially in providing at home assistance. I found this online resource that could not only be beneficial in understanding my gifted students but for the parent who may have questions about their own child.
  • How can can professional collaboration enhance education in an inclusive classroom?
I think that professional collaboration can be to the advantage of all students. For example, having classes that can work together on big projects, or share some of the same subject matter. For example, if all the students are learning about a particular country they could organize a day where they would meet together and have a celebration. Of classes could each take a section of particular country (clothes, food, etc) or different countries all together and share their information with the other classes. This can make learning not only fun, but encourage inclusiveness in a positive manner.
  • What steps should you take to help prepare you to teach students with disabilities?

The first step would have to be understanding what disabilities your students are dealing with. It is impossible to prepare if you do not have knowledge of what your facing. Is it a physical disability, will a student need specific access to things that may cause distractions. Is it behavioral, may I need to have a students desk near mine. There are many things to take into account, and many more possibilities for each one.

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